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Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Our company provides WordPress Accessibility services to help the company ensure their websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We conduct comprehensive audits of websites, provide clear steps to address areas of non-compliance with accessibility guidelines, and offer ongoing support to maintain accessibility.

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The Business Benefits of Investing in Accessibility for Your WordPress


Enhancing accessibility, expanding your reach.

  • Improved user experience: A WordPress Accessibility service can help to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. This can improve the user experience for all visitors to your website, making it easier for them to access information, products, and services. 
  • Social responsibility: Ensuring that your website is accessible to everyone is a critical part of being a socially responsible organization. By investing in a WordPress Accessibility service, you can demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility and show that you value all of your website’s visitors.
  • Increased reach: By making your website more accessible, you can reach a wider audience, including individuals with disabilities who may have previously been unable to access your website. Overall, investing in a WordPress Accessibility service can help to improve the user experience for all visitors to your website, demonstrate social responsibility, and increase your reach.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Accessible WordPress Website:

Step1: Conduct an Accessibility Audit

Step2: Make Necessary Changes

Step3: Implement Accessibility Plugins

The first step in improving the accessibility of your WordPress website is to conduct an accessibility audit. This involves reviewing the website to identify any areas of non-compliance with accessibility guidelines and standards. The audit provides a roadmap for making necessary improvements to the website’s accessibility.

Once the accessibility audit is complete, the next step is to make necessary changes to the website to address the areas of non-compliance. This may include optimizing navigation, improving color contrast, adding alternative text to images, and ensuring that all website functionality is accessible using a keyboard.

There are several accessibility plugins available for WordPress that can help to improve the accessibility of your website. These plugins can address specific accessibility issues, such as adding captions to videos, creating accessible forms, and improving the readability of website content.

Step 4: Test the Website

Step 5: Provide Accessibility Information

After making changes to the website, it’s important to test it to ensure that it is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This may involve using assistive technologies such as screen readers, magnification tools, and voice recognition software to test the website’s functionality and accessibility.

It’s important to provide information on the website about its accessibility features and how users can access them. This helps to ensure that individuals with disabilities can easily find the information they need to access the website. Accessibility information can include a statement of commitment to accessibility, instructions on how to use accessibility features, and contact information for accessibility inquiries.

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