Does Having Multiple Websites Affect Search Rankings?

In response to a question about whether having two websites can impact search rankings, Google’s John Mueller provided insights that shed light on different interpretations of the question. This article explores Mueller’s answer and examines the implications for websites with multiple domains.


Understanding the Context


The original question submitted to Google was concise but lacked specific details, leaving room for different interpretations. Mueller addressed the question by assuming the two sites referred to different topics, which is a common scenario.


Different Interpretations and Their Effects


When considering multiple sites on different topics, the concern lies in the intention behind having multiple sites. If the motive is to manipulate search rankings, it may raise suspicions and be seen as an attempt to game the system. However, if the sites genuinely cover distinct subjects, the implications are somewhat different.


Impact of Multiple Sites on the Same Topic


When multiple sites exist on the same topic, there are considerations to be aware of. It is important to note that focusing on creating one outstanding website is a better approach than spreading efforts across multiple average sites. Combining related subtopics into one authoritative website often yields better results than running multiple separate sites.


Insights from Bill Hartzer


Bill Hartzer of Hartzer Consulting acknowledges that having multiple sites on the same topic can compromise a person’s ability to create an exceptional site. While it may indirectly affect rankings, the direct impact is unlikely to be negative.


Success with Multiple Sites on Different Topics


Creating and managing multiple sites on different topics can be successful, especially when multiple individuals contribute to content creation and promotion efforts. Collaboration and specialization can enhance the overall performance of these websites.


John Mueller’s response highlights the importance of considering the intentions behind multiple websites. While having multiple sites on different topics can be acceptable and successful, focusing on creating one outstanding site is generally a better strategy. When dealing with multiple sites on the same topic, consolidating efforts into one authoritative website often leads to better results. By understanding these nuances, website owners can make informed decisions to maximize their search rankings.